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Φανουρόπιτα - Fanouropita

On the 27th August we commemorate Saint Fanourios ('Αγιος Φανούριος) the Holy Martyr and Miracle Worker. 

On the 26th August, the eve of the Feast Day of Saint Fanourios we bake a 'Fanouropita' in his honour, a cake known as the 'Lost and Found' cake.

It is prepared with either 7 or 9 ingredients (flour, sugar, oil, orange juice, walnuts/raisins, baking powder and cinnamon) symbolilsing the seven sacred mysteries (sacraments) of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The seven sacred mysteries are:

1. Baptism

2. Chrismation (Confirmation)

3. Confession

4. Holy Communion

5. Marriage

6. Ordination (Holy Orders)

7. Unction (the anointing of the sick)


After the cake is baked on the 26th August it is taken to the church to be blessed by the priest on the 27th August. 

The Fanouropita is cut into 40 pieces symbolising the 40 days of the sould in purgatory. It is shared with family, friends, neighbours and the poor.


We pray to Saint Fanourios and ask that he intercedes to grant you whatever it is you asked for, whether that was for something lost, a emotional or health journey etc...

'Αγιε μου Φανούριος, φανέρωσε το. - My St. Fanourios, reveal it.