Ta Fota Carols

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Ta Fota Carols - Κάλαντα των Φωτών 

The Holy Feast of Theophany or Ta Fota, is one of Greece's holliest and most sacred celebrations, the 'Baptism of Christ', by John the Baptist, in the Jordon River is commemorated on the 6th January. 

"On Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and the Epiphany Eve, children go out carol singing, knocking on door-to-door shouting “shall we sing” and household owners respond with “yes you shall”. They sing traditional Greek carols accompanied by traditional Greek instruments. As a reward, children are offered money, sweet Christmas cakes, treats and candy which are placed into their boats." - Panagiota Andreadakis 'The ABC of the Twelve Days of Christmas' book.

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