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Carols & Anthems

Various traditional carols and poems of Greece and Cyprus are sung throughout the year in celebration of different religious and cultural events. Every region has its own unique variation. 

On Christmas Eve (24th December), New Year’s Eve (31st December) and the Epiphany Eve (5th January), children go out carol singing, knocking on door-to-door shouting “shall we sing?” («Να τα πούμε;») and household owners respond with “yes you shall” («Να τα πείτε»). They sing traditional Greek Christmas carols accompanied by traditional Greek instruments. As a reward, children are offered money, sweet Christmas cakes, treats and candy which are placed into their boats. When you finish singing the carols you wish the homeowners «Και του Χρόνου, Χρόνια Πολλά!» which translates to “May we be well to celebrate again next year and for many years to come”.