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Deluxe Easter Activity Pack (Online Only)

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Looking for a chocolate free gift or something different this easter? The Deluxe Easter Activity Pack is the perfect Easter gift for the child who loves crafts and educational activities. It has 65 pages of activities and DIY crafts for each of the main religious and cultural events of Orthodox Easter. It will have the entire family getting involved and learning as they read and create.


1 x Greek Orthodox Easter Activity Book (60 pages of activities and 5 Bonus DIY activities and stickers)

1 x Craft Pack 

Craft Pack includes crafts accessories you will need for activities in the book

1 x White transparent zip bag

DIY Apokries Mask: 1 x Popsicle stick

DIY Greek Flag: 1 x Round stick 30cm Length

DIY Lady Lent: 1 x Popsicle stick

DIY Koukara: 7 x Feathers, 1 x 1.5m cotton twine

DIY Cross: 1 x 12cmx7cm wooden cross, 1 x Paints and brush

DIY Greeting Cards: 4 x A6 Blank Greeting Cards with 4 white envelopes

DIY Egg ornament: 1 x 10cm craft egg ornament

What will you need? potatoe, scissors, craft glue, pen/pencil, coloured pencils/crayons/texters, and/or sticky tape.


The Activity Book covers the following topics

  • Apokries: Carnival, Meatfare, Cheesefare
  • Saturday of Souls and Kolliva
  • 25th March: The Annunciation of the Theotokos and Greek Independence Day
  • Great Lent: Fasting, Lenten Foods, Clean Monday, Lady Lent, Koukara, Lagana, Halva
  • Holy Week: Church, Saturday of Lazarus, Lazarakia, Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, Palm Sunday, Christ the Bridegroom, Holy Unction, Koulourakia, Red Eggs, Tsoureki, The Holy Trinity, The Last Supper, Crucifixion, Epitaphios, Godparents, Easter Basket, Easter Candles, Holy Flame, Magiritsa, The Ressurection, Jesus Christ
  • Home Iconostasis
  • Family

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