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Martaki Bracelet

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Tradition of the Martaki Bracelet 

The word Martis (Μάρτης) is derived from the Greek word for the month of March (Μάρτιος).

The tradition of the Martaki dates back to ancient Greece, from a city named Eleusis (Eleusinian Mysteries).

The Martaki bracelet is woven on the last day of February with twisted white and red thread. White symbolising purity and red symbolising life and passion. It is worn on the left wrist for the entire month of March (1st - 31st March), celebrating the beginning of spring in Greece. It is said that it protects the person who wears it from the harsh rays of the sun on the skin and ill wishes.

On the 31st March the Martaki bracelet is removed and hung on a flowering tree so the tree blooms and produces abundant healthy offerings. In some regions of Greece, it is also said that it encourages the swallows (birds) returning for spring, to be able to find and use the thread to build a nest.

In other regions of Greece, the Martaki is also considered as protection from ill wishes and it is worn until Good Saturday. It is then thrown into the Easter bonfire (lampratzia) to burn. 

Handmade in Greece.

Note: Adjustable string to fit all wrist sizes.