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The Most-Holy Theotokos Workbook

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Learn with Stelakis: The Most-Holy Theotokos Workbook

This is a must have educational resource explaining the life of the Theotokos. Created to have a range of fun and educational activities for a variety in learning abilities. 

In this workbook you will learn about

  • Life of Mary
  • Titles of Mary
  • Definition of Theotokos
  • Iconography: Understanding the symbols
  • Feast Days of the Theotokos
  • Name Days
  • Glossary

Activities include (Greek & English)

  • Prayers
  • Colour-Me-In illustrations
  • Match and Learn
  • Icon Drawing
  • Word Maker
  • Word Search Puzzle 
  • Puzzle cut out
  • True or False
  • Question & Answer
  • Spelling

Pages: 32

Language: Greek/English

Note: Once purchase has been finalised, a PDF version will be sent to your email for printing. File will be available to download and print for 30 days after purchase. 

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